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H-Street Hensley King Size Limited Edition B Series Orange/Red

H-Street Hensley King Size Eagle B Series Re-Issue Orange/Red


  • £99.99

  • First some history...
    • The Matt Hensley Kingsize Limited Edition Eagle was Matt’s fourth Pro Model on H-Street and it came out circa 1989
    • The Kingsize Eagle is made in the Hell Concave with original shape and hole pattern
    • Graphics were drawn by Francesco Jekill Albertini, who was inspired by bold, single color printed deck graphics from the 70’s and figured that Matt would really like such a simple and bold concept, and he was right. The Italian skate artist who loved California came across the American Eagle as the perfect image and inspiration and the Kingsize Eagle would become one of H-Street’s most treasured designs and iconic art of the 80’s era
  • The Original Re-issue Series are made with original specs; the old school hole pattern, shapes and the original Hell Concave. They are hand silk-screened and made in San Diego, California at Watson Lam
  • Every board is individually numbered, classified by series letter, and will never be made with the same series letter & number twice
  • 9.75" wide - orange bottom stain with red print

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